SpamAgent saves YOU time, and is cost effective as well.

Why waste time wading through loads of spam every time you decide to check your email? SpamAgent silently runs in the background while you are free to do other things, rather than read spam e-mails.

SpamAgent can block incoming spam and quarantine it for later viewing - preventing it from reaching your inbox, and saving you time.

  • Block Spam so you do not have to read it
  • Kill unwanted attachments so no download time is wasted

SpamAgent is the latest in email monitoring technology. SpamAgent is a powerful email monitoring and filtering tool that allows you to get the email you want - and nothing more. SpamAgent has a comprehensive set of filters (over 1500!) that block spam and unwanted emails - before they reach your inbox!

  • Block Spam before It reaches your inbox
  • Create custom Spam Filters
  • Create Friends so your Friend's messages are not blocked
  • Monitor multiple email accounts
  • Fight back against Spam!

SpamAgent not only block Spam, but allows you to fight back against it! Not only can you block spam, but help prevent spam from being sent to you again!

  • Send an Unsubscribe message to the Spammer
  • Send custom Abuse notices to the ISP of the Spammer
  • Lookup ISP abuse addresses for proper reporting
  • Stop potentially damaging attachments from reaching your Inbox!

SpamAgent also allows you to Recover emails that were blocked - but you still actually need. SpamAgent is safe to use, without worrying about blocking the wrong messages.

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